Bukobot 8 Vanilla v2

Project Completed: August 2013

The Bukobots (from Deezmaker) are an affordable line of 3d printers. I recently built the Bukobot 8 Vanilla v2 kit.

3d printers make three-dimensional solid objects from digital designs. The Bukobot builds up the object using thin layers of melted plastic, like layers from a hot glue gun. These layers quickly solidify, ready for the next layer to be added.

I built this kit before Deezmaker had put the directions online. The few questions I had were answered with a couple of quick calls to Diego, the owner, as well as checking their wiki and forum. Kudos to Deezmaker for having good customer service. Now my kit is up and running and totally awesome, in my opinion. 3d printing is really cool and seemingly futuristic.

Although I'm only 11 years old, I didn't think that this kit was too difficult to put together.

Here is a picture of the entire unbuilt kit:

And here's the finished product:

Here's a list of all the parts with photos.

Here are the kit tips.