The Drawdio

Project Completed: December 2013

The Drawdio kit is a soldering kit (that I bought from Adafruit) that makes use of the circuit formed by the human body. It passes a harmless voltage through one hand, which is holding the lead pencil with the circuit board. The holder draws a line and touches their other hand to it, completing the circuit and provoking a funny (and irritating) noise, which varies on how much resistance the body offers. The noise can be altered by the holder by sliding their finger up and down on the line.

Here is a picture of the parts:

A picture of the completed project:

With the pencil and battery holder:

Here is a video of me drawing (and annoying my parents greatly) with the Drawdio.

Here's a link to the directions I used

Here’s a link to the kit tips for this product...