Fidget Spinner on the Lathe

Project Completed: November 2017

I made my friend an aluminum and brass fidget spinner for her birthday. I cut the main body of the toy out of 3” aluminum rod stock and the finger pads out of brass, with a skate bearing between the pieces.

I started with aluminum rod stock and cut out the basic shape of the spinner on the lathe. I flipped over the piece to do back details (also on the lathe) then drilled the ring holes on the drill press. I then deburred all of the holes using a deburring tool and inserted the bearing with Locktite to secure it:

Next I took 1” brass rod stock and cut a through-hole then two rounds off. I sanded them smooth by incrementing sandpaper grits, then deburred the hole.

I cut a short aluminum rod to act as an axle of sorts, then used Locktite to secure it to one of the rounds.

I then sanded this flush. Below are the parts before assembly:

Next, I put the axle through the bearing and used Locktite to secure the other finger pad to the axle.

Below is a video of the fidget spinner in action: