Project Completed: September 2018

Welcome to my redesigned site!

I started just after I finished the 5th grade using drag-and-drop software. I would write posts and then hit the ‘Publish’ button. This summer, I decided to learn HTML so I could remake it from scratch.

For a school project last year, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of basic web development and design, so I felt empowered to take on the challenge of rebuilding my website from scratch. I learned to code in Visual Studio Code. The great part about this environment is that there is an in-app extensions portal where you can find useful plugins like live local development servers or git blames (two of my most-used). I wrote all the new HTML and based my CSS in Google’s Material Design. I host the site on Firebase and some of the backend stuff is also based in Firebase’s Realtime Database. With Firebase, publishing the site is as easy as typing ‘firebase deploy’ in Terminal.

The great part about this project is that along with redesigning this website, I’ve learned web development skills and feel much more confident in my HTML, CSS, and Javascript. took about two months to completely redesign and re-code. Please feel free to explore the site!