EngX 2018

On February 24, 2018, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the Armani Labs are holding their annual EngX event in the Epstein Family Plaza at the university. Presenters include USC students along with JPL and USC’s Insitute for Creative Technologies! For more information, visit the EngX website here.

DTLA Mini Maker Faire

December 2, 2017 Had so much fun today presenting along with 45 other makers/groups at the Downtown Los Angeles Mini Maker Faire at the Los Angeles Central Library! With over 1500 in attendance the Faire was a total success. There were so many cool projects and people. I had such an amazing time!

2017 Student STEM + Entreprenuership Conference

Honored to be one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2017 Student STEM + Entrepreneurship Conference! Join in online on Saturday, March 4, 2017.

Loscon 43

Honored to have been asked to present in the Make Room at Loscon 43! I demonstrated my finished Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine and my tricopter from last summer.

Click here for more photos from the event!

Classroom 2.0 Live

I’m so excited to present on Classroom 2.0 Live on Saturday (April 9th) at 9 a.m. Pacific. Please join the conversation!

2016 Student Technology Conference

This Saturday, January 30, I am honored to be giving a keynote speech at 1 PM Eastern Time/10 am Pacific Time at the 2016 Student Technology Conference. The online conference is hosted by the Marymount School of New York. Students from around the world will be making presentations and joining in the conversations. My presentation is titled “Making Makers: A Drill Press is a Girl’s Best Friend (A Boy’s, too)”. Hope you can register and link in!

Lasers 4 Ladies

October 10, 2015 I just returned from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Lasers 4 Ladies event. I met many awesome scientists and students of engineering, demonstrating projects such as an explanation of Newton’s theories of light, a project titled “See Sound - Listen to Light” (an electrical project converting sound into electricity into light and back into electricity and back into sound), a water fountain showing the bending of light in liquids, and many more. Lasers 4 Ladies invited middle to high school girls in grades 5-12 to celebrate the United Nations' International Year of Light. This week, the scientific community is holding International “Introduce a Girl to Photonics” Week.

Design and Maker Class Colloquium

August 15, 2015 I had a great time yesterday at the Design and Maker Class Colloquium 2015 at Windward School. I was honored to be the opening speaker!

Click here for more photos from the event!

Night Flight

At a recent Venice Night Flight (June 27, 2015) , I had the pleasure of meeting many enthusiasts and learning even more about drones. I met Charles Zablan , the head of the West Coast American International Drone Racing Association, or IDRA (photo below). The IDRA hosts drone races and competitions all over the country. Visit their Instagram here.

The LA Robotics Club is hosting Drone Racing 101 in Venice on July 24. Check out information for it here...

California Drone Showcase at

Today drone enthusiasts gathered in Venice, California, at for the California Drone Showcase. I flew my F330 and my Hubsan X4 along with other makers who have built their own drones. There was also a small obstacle course to fly through! My friends Harry and James were also there, flying their own drones.

The Space Show

For those of you interested in space, Dr. David Livingston hosts a radio show and podcast called “The Space Show.” On June 8, 2015, Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron, the writers of The New Shop Class, were on the show to discuss their book. They discussed 3D printing, Ardui no, and the future of technology in schools. I was able to call in and pa rticipate live on the radio! Listen to the archived podcast here, and visit The Space Show website here.

The Space Show Logo

Coco soldering at Layer One 2015

LayerOne 2015

As always, I had a great time at LayerOne!

STEAM Day Soldering Class

I recently taught two soldering classes as a guest presenter at Brentwood School's STEAM Day 2015! I had a great time. I saw many cool demonstrations and it was a fantastic event overall. Thank you to Mr. Kahn and Mr. Perloff for inviting me to present!

To teach my classes, I used the LED Flashing Kit from All Electronics.

Click here for more photos from the event!
Coco teaching from the front of the classroom

3D Printer World Expo

The second 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, California, is on! The two-day convention ends today (January 31, 2015).

Yesterday I saw technology, art, authors, vendors, fashion, and friends alike. I looked at 3D scanning, art pieces, a Touch 3D stylus demo, sculpting demos, metal casting, laser resin printing, giant (9.5’ tall!) printers, comic art designers, and metal printing! I even got to talk to Bridgette Mongeon, an amazing 3D Printing/Sculpting artist, with whom I Skyped into a presentation she made awhile back.

I encourage anyone interested in 3D Printing to check out this event.

Deezmaker 3D Printing Classes

If you’re interested in 3D printing and don’t know where to start, or want to learn about designing 3D objects, check out this course on 3D printing. Starting on July 17th, Joan Horvath (from Deezmaker)will be teaching a weekly class for four weeks on 3D printing! To learn more, click here.

Bukobot Logo

Night Flight

After finishing my quadcopter, it was time to fly! Recently, the guys at as well as many members of the LA Robotics Club quadcopter community gathered to fly their quadcopters at night. (In the left photo I am flying my DJI F330 Elegant Quadcopter that I built from a kit.)

As a recommendation, if you are just starting up in any sort of hobby but don’t know what to do, go to gatherings like the Night Flight. Many people who are immersed in that technology or field will be there, and chances are, they are willing to help.

For you enthusiasts, on July 6th, 2014, at 2pm in Venice, there will be a quadcopter obstacle course race sponsored by

Texas Linux Festival

During the weekend of June 13-14 (2014), the Texus Linux Fest was hosted in Austin, Texas. This festival celebrates the open-source and (you guessed it) Linux worlds especially.

I was given the privilege of speaking at TXLF on June 14 during the thunder talk rounds. I spoke about getting more children interested in creating technology, and my speech was titled “Girls and Robots.”

As a little background, Linux is an OS (Operating System) like Microsoft Windows or Mac’s OS X. However, Linux is free and open-source. "Open-source” is a phrase used to describe technology that’s free for anyone to use or adapt as they wish. Here’s a link to the Linux Foundation’s site… (they had representatives at the convention). Here is the link to the 2014 Texas Linux Fest site...

At the convention, I also learned how to say, “Y’all.” :)

LayerOne 2014

Over Memorial Day weekend, I attended the annual LayerOne security conference in Monrovia. Participants were able to solder badges with the aid of microscopes provided in the Hardware Hacking Village. I had a great time surface-mount soldering my badge. To the left is the badge mid-process.

I also got to help launch the CUBEX-1 (similar to its predecessor, the HABEX, the High Altitude Balloon Experiment). Left is a video of the launch.

AAUW: Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Math 2014

Bridgette Mongeon, a 3D artist and writer in Texas, interviewed me via Skype for Expanding Your Horizons in Science in Math 2014, a conference put on by the West Harris County branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women) in Houston. Bridgette gave a presentation at this conference.

Here is a link to Bridgette's website and here is a link to Bridgette's blog.

She is very inspirational and it was very nice of her to include me on such a cool thing. Here is a link to Bridgette's Twitter feed and here is a link to AAUW's website.

To the right is a video on her section of the conference, including my interview:

Coco standing next to Expo sign

3D Printer World Expo

I was honored to be asked to give a poster presentation on Friday evening as part of the first 3D Printer World Expo. The conference was attended by manufacturers, medical professionals, enthusiasts, educators, artists, journalists, engineers and students. It was packed!

My poster presentation was titled "What I Learned by 3D Printing." I got to speak with Cassini Mission engineers, two journalists, and many teachers. I met many cool people, all of whom loved or were interested in 3D printing.

Loscon 40

I recently (November 29, 2013) was asked to participate at the Loscon 40 convention as part of the Make Room! I was on two panels and gave a speech titled "Girls and Robots", which was about my journey through electronics and empowering kids in that field.

Here are pictures of me at my talk (Girls and Robots), at my booth showing off my creations, robots, and 3d printer, or speaking at my two panels (Arduino Grassroots Revolution or Women in STEM).

Teen Tech Week 2013

When I was 11, I taught a soldering class at the Los Angeles Central Library for Teen Tech week. I taught using the LED Flashing Kit from All Electronics.

"How to Host a Teen Soldering Program without Getting Burned"

Raspberry Pi Launch Event

When I was 10 I got to meet Rob Bishop, the VERY FIRST engineering employee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I'm the one holding the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit card-sized computer built to be hacked and it runs on Linux.

Raspberry Pi surpassed 1.75m units sold in February 2012.