Bass Amp 1

When rehearsing for our end-of-year concert, the bass amp of my jazz band caught on fire!

This year, I took the amp home to see if I could determine what burned out, bridge damaged sections, and fix the amp.

Disassembling the chassis was relatively simple without instructions. I worked outside-in, being careful to go slowly when I could tell major parts were shifting.

For example, there were four exterior screws that held up the main metal chassis inside, and as soon as I removed the first, I could tell that the very heavy piece would drop immediately when I finished removing them, so I went slowly and used clamps to stabilize the piece as I worked, until I could remove the heavy piece safely.

I removed the potentiometer headers with a thin flathead and wire clamps with a screw, taking photos as I went to remember the order in which I removed, as well as the parts that work together and where.

Part 2