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Super Awesome Sylvia’s Super Awesome Project Book: Super Simple Arduino!


At Brentwood’s STEAM Day, I had the privilege of meeting amazing maker Super-Awesome Sylvia! She just finished her second book, called Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book (vol. 2): Super Simple Arduino.

Sylvia has been making cool and fun maker videos since she was 10! She has presented at the Rome Maker Faire and multiple other Maker Faires. She was asked to attend the White House Maker Faire, and has presented at many conventions. Sylvia sells her WaterColor Bot through Evil Mad Scientist Labs

STEAM Day Soldering Class


I recently taught two soldering classes as a guest presenter at Brentwood School's STEAM Day 2015! I had a great time. I saw many cool demonstrations and it was a fantastic event overall. Thank you to Mr. Kahn and Mr. Perloff for inviting me to present!

To teach my classes, I used the LED Flashing Kit from All Electronics.


After a quick soldering demonstration for each class, the students got right to work. Many got their kits to light up on the first try, and others learned how to troubleshoot. …

LED Kit Instructions/STEAM Day


I will be teaching a soldering class using LED Blinky Kits at a school’s STEAM event soon, so I decided to enhance All Electronics’ already-great instructions! Access the instructions through this link… or download here...

Technology Tour

HP GarageGBikesGoogle Campus 1Google Campus 2Apple Campus 1Apple Campus 2Tesla Headquarters

I just returned from Spring Break in Northern California with my family. We visited some important technological landmarks (pictured above), including the HP Garage, Facebook HQ, the Googleplex, Apple, and Tesla Motors!

Below, a map of the places I visited:

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