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X-Carve Build

To improve the quality of my circuit boards and the precision of the panel, I knew I’d have to go digital. We determined that a CnC would be the best option for this, and after some research, we decided on Inventable’s X-Carve 750x750.

The parts shipped in multiple boxes. The boxes were labeled with their contents and this helped majorly in organization during assembly. 

Click here for full instructions on how to build or buy an X-Carve.

The entire build took me a Friday and by Saturday night, I had my first cut. 

KFETS Part 4: Circuit Boards 1


The short lights in my first prototype were connected by a circuit board, as were the meter panels displaying resistance. These circuit boards were the first I’d ever made, evident in the uneven hacksaw cuts on the side :), but were a good foray into the world of circuit board making.

After prototyping, I knew which connections I wanted, I had drawn rough schematics on paper while wiring. I finalized my initial schematics. The next step was to digitize my schematics and print a circuit to transfer. …

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