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Here is a picture of Simon Nielson and me at his shop.

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, I met Simon Nielsen at his shop for an LA Robotics Club Quadcopters Meetup. Mr. Nielsen’s shop is in Venice, CA and is called Ctrl.Me Robotics Lab. The main focus of the shop is flying robots and multi-rotors. 

At the shop, I purchased a DJI F330 Elegant Quadcopter kit. I have begun to assemble it. Soon, my build, a review, and kit tips will be posted for the product. Stay tuned!

Here is the link to the Ctrl.Me site:

Google Glass


Yesterday in the LA Times, there was an article boasting positive feedback from wearers of the Google Glass, a new technology (from Google) that is basically a little screen worn on your head that has full connectivity to the internet and is capable of texting, giving directions, taking photos and videos- mostly all the things that a mobile phone can do, but on your face.

In the world of technology, the Glass has seen much anticipation due to the amount of possibilities for the appliance. …

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