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The Drawdio

Drawdio Final

The Drawdio Kit Review has been added to the Kit Review section! The Drawdio is a pencil that makes noise when you draw by utilizing a basic circuit! I recently soldered it up, and love it because it is amazingly fun, although it can be annoying to everyone around!

Beware: If  you buy this for a relative for an upcoming holiday, be prepared to receive angry emails from unhappy family members!

Here's a link to the review.

Loscon 40


I recently was asked to participate at the Loscon 40 convention as part of the Make Room! I was on two panels and gave a speech titled "Girls and Robots", which was about my journey through electronics and empowering kids in that field. 

Here is a picture of me at my talk.

(I'm at the table.)

I also had a booth showing off my creations, robots, and 3d printer.

Here is a link to more pictures from the convention.

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