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Deezmaker Featured in LA Times

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The picture above is of me and Diego Porqueras, the owner of Deezmaker, the home of the Bukobot (3d printer). Today he and Deezmaker made the cover of LA Times Business section! Congratulations, Diego!

LA Times

Bukobot 8 Vanilla v2

The Box

I have recently received the Bukobot 8 Vanilla v2 3d printer.  I got the kit from Deezmaker and it looks promising already! I will review it and kit tips will be posted when I finish. 3d printing fun will be had!


Above is a picture of what it came in, and here's the link to Deezmaker.

Soldering Recommendations

Here's a link to Adafruit's soldering recommendations. These recommendations helped me get my first soldering iron, and I am also just a big fan of the Adafruit website.


Technological Happenings and Events

July 20- !st men on the moon  (1969)

July 20- U.S. Viking 1 lands on Mars at Chryse Planitia (1st Martian landing.)  (1979)

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