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Drones have been getting a lot of bad publicity lately, but here is a great article about cutting-edge research from the University of Graz in Austria titled “Why We Need Swarms of Autonomous Drones”.

Inspired at Lasers 4 Ladies


I just returned from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Lasers 4 Ladies event. I met many awesome scientists and students of engineering, demonstrating projects such as an explanation of Newton’s theories of light, a project titled “See Sound - Listen to Light” (an electrical project converting sound into electricity into light and back into electricity and back into sound), a water fountain showing the bending of light in liquids, and many more.

Lasers 4 Ladies invited middle to high school girls in grades 5-12 to celebrate the United Nations' International Year of Light. …

Lasers for Ladies

I’m really looking forward to this on Saturday!

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