Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon-Monoxide Detector

Warning: Further down the page is a video of the Smoke Detector testing. It is very loud, so you might want to turn down your sound.

In my house, we no longer have to deal with the annoying two o’clock wakeup with the out-of-battery alarm of an ugly smoke detector, because our walls now sport the awesome Nest Protect Smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detector! 

This smoke detector comes with cool features such as human voices to say which room, for example, is on fire or which room’s detector is low on battery. The Nest also lights up at night when you walk under it, like a nightlight. In addition, all of the detectors talk to each other, so if your upstairs bathroom is on fire and you’re watching TV, the living room Nest will tell you about the bathroom. It also hooks up to wifi and to mobile devices so that a vacationer can check to see if their house is okay while they’re in Hawai’i!

Here is a picture of the boxes mine came in:


Here is a video of the working products talking to each other (keep in mind, this test is very loud, so you might want to turn down your sound):

The one problem I experienced so far with my Nests is that at 10:30 a few weeks ago, the Detector in my brother’s bedroom started freaking out, though there wasn’t any smoke. When dust gets inside Nest, it usually alerts with a warning signal with a yellow light. That Nest, though, was emitting an emergency alarm, with a red light and it wouldn’t stop, even when we pressed the button, and since the Nests talk to each other, our whole house was screaming. We had to take the batteries out of them all to stop it. One call to the Nest, and their customer support quickly determined that ours was defective. They immediately sent us a new one.

Over all though, I rate this kit with a 5/5 Very Happy Robots:

Very Happy Robot5-5 noBG

for ingenuity, user-friendliness, and reinventing the wheel (or in this case, the smoke detector) and making the wheel look better.

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