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Deezmaker 3D Printing Classes


If you’re interested in 3D printing and don’t know where to start, or want to learn about designing 3D objects, check out this course on 3D printing. Starting on July 17th, Joan Horvath (from Deezmaker)will be teaching a weekly class for four weeks on 3D printing! To learn more, visit this link:

Night Flight


After finishing my quadcopter, it was time to fly! Recently, the guys at as well as many members of the LA Robotics Club quadcopter community gathered to fly their quadcopters at night:

(In the above photo I am flying my DJI F330 Elegant Quadcopter that I built from a kit.)

As a recommendation, if you are just starting up in any sort of hobby but don’t know what to do, go to gatherings like the Night Flight. Many people who are immersed in that technology or field will be there, and chances are, they are willing to help.

Soldering a Connection - The Start of a Mentoring Relationship

Please check out the article “Soldering a Connection - The Start of a Mentoring Relationship” about me and my mentor and friend Annika O’Brien on the Makezine Blog (Make: Magazine’s site). I’m flattered to be included by my favorite magazine!

You can visit the site through this link or paste this URL into your browser window: .

Coincidentally, today is National Women in Engineering Day, as announced by the Women's Engineering Society.

Made with Code

On Thursday, Google launched their new initiative Made with CodeGoogle intends to help more girls get into creating technology. The program (as reported by the Los Angeles Times) will “include collaborations with organizations such as the Girl Scouts of the USA and Girls Inc.” and will also include rewards for teachers who support girls who take programming and coding courses on Codeacademy and Khan Academy.

Congrats Google and thank you for making the world a better place!

Here are the links mentioned in this article:

Texas Linux Festival 2014


During the weekend of June 13-14 (2014), the Texus Linux Fest was hosted in Austin, Texas. This festival celebrates the open-source and (you guessed it) Linux worlds especially. 

I was given the privilege of speaking at TXLF on June 14 during the thunder talk rounds. I spoke about getting more children interested in creating technology, and my speech was titled “Girls and Robots.”


As a little background, Linux is an OS (Operating System) like Microsoft Windows or Mac’s OS X. However, Linux is free and open-source. …

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