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LayerOne 2014

Over Memorial Day weekend, I attended the annual LayerOne security conference in Monrovia. Participants were able to solder badges with the aid of microscopes provided in the Hardware Hacking Village.  I had a great time surface-mount soldering my badge:

DSC06096 3

Here is the badge mid-process:


I also got to help launch the CUBEX-1 (similar to its predecessor, the HABEX, the High Altitude Balloon Experiment). Here is a video of the launch:

The CUBEX-1 is a computer carried by a high-altitude balloon. …

First Flight

Over the weekend, I completed the build of my DJI F330 Quadcopter (which I got from Ctrl.Me Robotics in Venice, CA). Huzzah! 

Here is a video of the setup and first flight:

I am standing next to Simon Nielsen, the founder of Ctrl.Me. Thanks to Deniz Hotamisligil for providing the aerial footage from his GoPro mounted on a DJI F450.

Soon I will post a kit review and kit tips on the DJI F330 Quadcopter.

Nest Protect Smoke Dectectors


I recently set up my house’s new high-tech smoke detectors that are really cool-looking (who knew that was possible) and user-friendly. These smoke detectors are from Nest and are possibly the most intelligent ones on the market. They speak with human voices, detect carbon monoxide in addition to smoke, and hook up to wifi and to mobile devices so that you can check to see if your house is on fire when you are on vacation!

Click here to read my kit review…

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