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Maker Hangar Tricopter

(The tricopter mid-build)

What does a 13-year-old nerd do during summer vacation? Well, I decided to build my first tricopter, after being inspired by a Make: Magazine article. I had previously assembled a DJI 330 Flamewheel (a quadcopter), but I wanted to try a Tri because they are better for photography.  I decided to follow Lucas Weakley’s (Make’s) Maker Hangar 2 tricopter build. Lucas sells a kit with the frame and the nuts and bolts, but I decided to source and make all of the materials myself. …

Drone Racing: Sport of the Future?

(Photo creds: Los Angeles Times, Albert Kelly)

Check out this great Los Angeles Times Article on drone racing!


I recently had the pleasure of meeting ISS-Above founder Liam Kennedy and his wife Anna Kennedy, author of Business Development for Dummies and the founder of Rain Makers!

The ISS-Above was a kickstarter that launched on January 8, 2014, and was successfully funded by February 3, 2014. By the end of the project, the Kickstarter had more than tripled its goal! 

The ISS-Above is a Raspberry Pi that connects to the internet and shows you when the International Space Station (ISS) is passing above you. …

Design and Maker Class Colloquium

I had a great time yesterday at the Design and Maker Class Colloquium 2015 at Windward School. I was honored to be the opening speaker!

Always great to see my friend Joan Horvath (author of The New Shop Class: Getting Started with 3D Printing, Arduino, and Wearable Tech)!

I taught teachers from around the country how to solder. We made LED Flashing Kits. Hoping that I inspired everyone to go back and teach their own students how to solder!

Thanks, Teachers, for being my best students ever!!!

Making Colloquium

DMCC logo

I’m looking forward to teaching a soldering class at the Windward School Design and Maker Class Colloquium!

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