I recently had the pleasure of meeting ISS-Above founder Liam Kennedy and his wife Anna Kennedy, author of Business Development for Dummies and the founder of Rain Makers!

The ISS-Above was a kickstarter that launched on January 8, 2014, and was successfully funded by February 3, 2014. By the end of the project, the Kickstarter had more than tripled its goal! 

The ISS-Above is a Raspberry Pi that connects to the internet and shows you when the International Space Station (ISS) is passing above you. Kennedy recently released a second version, the ISS-Above HD, which delivers live video feed and information on a monitor (sold separately.) Click here to purchase an ISS-Above HD

The Wall Street Journal also mentioned the ISS-Above in an interview with Bill Nye, after he noted that the gadget was his latest obsession.

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