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August 31- William Cobb showed off the first solar powered car (1955) -

It wasn't, in fact, a full-sized car but a 15-inch model made of balsa wood that ran of 1.5 volts!

Galileo Museum

My family and I just got back from Italy and if you happen to be going to Florence, make sure to swing by the Galileo Galilei Museum. I found it fun to look at early technology.

Here's a link to the museum:

New Lego Mindstorms Kit

My friend, Annika O'Brien, the head of the LA Robotics Club, sent out this link. I thought it was a cool article!

Lego Robots Ate My Son

Spot the Station

See if you can spot the International Space Station in the sky tonight at:

RGB LED Robot Halloween Costume

If you're like me, its not too late to be thinking about your cool Halloween costume for this year. Start brainstorming! Last year I was a "robot" with Digital RGB LED strips from Adafruit down my arms that were all controlled by an Arduino Uno. It made for great illumination while trick-or-treating!

3d Printing Completed!


A few days ago, I finished building my 3d printer (the Bukobot 8 Vanilla v2)! Above is a photo of some of my first prints!

Prints (from left to right):

3d Printed Minecraft Creeper

3d Printed Calibration Model (X,Y,Z,)

3d Printed Gears

A more indepth review is coming!

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