Google Glass

Yesterday in the LA Times, there was an article boasting positive feedback from wearers of the Google Glass, a new technology (from Google) that is basically a little screen worn on your head that has full connectivity to the internet and is capable of texting, giving directions, taking photos and videos- mostly all the things that a mobile phone can do, but on your face.


In the world of technology, the Glass has seen much anticipation due to the amount of possibilities for the appliance. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, Google didn’t include some software such as facial recognition software in the design. This is unfortunate because what if you’re at a party and don’t remember someone’s name and they remember yours? Their name could be just floating above your eye because Glass recognized them. Or, what if a criminal is on the loose and a picture of him/her has been issued? If the Glass recognizes that criminal, it could help in capturing him and putting him back in jail.

Anyway, at the 3D Printing World Expo, I met someone who was part of the Google Explorer program, where Google released a few of these devices to normal people to try out the technology and get the public used to them. I got to wear the Glass for a few moments and attempt to take a photo with it (shown in photo above). It was awesome, and I can’t wait until Google (hopefully) rolls out with its consumer product later in 2014.

Here it the link to the LA Times article...

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