KFETS Part 1: Introduction

For several months, I’ve been working on a system to check the quality of equipment for the sport of fencing. This project was commissioned by H.O.M. Fencing.

Electronics are used for the scoring system in fencing. Each fencer has a sword connected to a body cord, connected to a reel at the end of the strip. This reel connects to a scoring box. Whenever each fencer hits the other, the electrical loop is completed and the scoring box registers this. The tester, dubbed the Kaleel Fencing Equipment Testing System (KFETS), checks the resistance between each side of three separate wires and checks to see if there are any shorts between each.

In the above diagram (credit: Blue Gauntlet Fencing), the three types of body cords are layed out. They all have 3 lines: A, B, and C. The box checks resistance on each line and if there any shorts between them. The body cords plug into the swords and depending on the sword (there are three different swords in fencing, each with their own rules), the box can check their properties.

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