1956 Craftsman Benchtop Drill Press Restoration Pt. 3:  Cleaning

One of the main reasons my dad and I decided to rebuild the drill press is because it was kinda disgustingly dirty. 60 years of negligence and oil buildup had not done it well, and it was covered in grime. Here are some photos of cleaning, sanding, and buffing the drill press:

Cleaning the inside of the headstock.

Buffing the spindle assembly base clamp.

Sanding the bed lock handle.

Sanding with a finer grit to get more of a polish.

Cleaning the decorative band. I am pressing it on a wide PVC tube so I can get a good grip while not messing up the bend.

Buffing the feed return hub. I have my hair up and in my hood for safety.

Cleaning the exterior motor cap nuts. It turns out they are actually shiny gold (when I found them, they were dark grey)!

The shiny top of one of the buffed cap nuts.

The clean and shiny chuck.

Up next, I will be posting photos of prepping and painting the headstock, base, and bed.

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